André Varandas, Software Engineer.

I'm building things on the world wide web.

It's me

About Me

I am 33 years old, living in sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

Since always I’ve loved playing computer games and building things. I built my first “website” when I was 8. It was just a simple page, but it meant a lot to me!

Years of Experience

Open source

I like to contribute to open source, most of them related to web api’s and game development.

I also build a lot of npm packages, cli’s and small tools. I’ve published around 10 packages to the npm ecosystem. Don’t bother, they don’t do anything useful at all, yet.

This was made for hacktoberfest, where we tryied to build a clone of the most famous game.

It’s just a wrapper for Clash Royale Game official api. Entirely build in Typescript, published to npm.

Made this cordova plug-in when I was building a mobile app, and needed to call native android api’s to set a picture as a wallpaper.

Challenging myself. Mobile app that consumes Space X api to show it’s latest launches and media.  Made this “challenge” to learn most of ionic framework in 7 days.

The Latest from The Blog

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