Hi! 👋

My name is André Varandas.

I am a software engineer, with more than 12 years of experience, living in Lisbon, Portugal.

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What do I do?

I help my clients building successful products, using modern technologies.

I am currently available to make your projects and ideas come to life.

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Frontend is my passion.

I've spent hours since I was a kid, messing around with Html, JavaScript and PHP files. I'm also experienced with most of the modern JavaScript frameworks.


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Who doesn't love data?

My first professional experience backend related was with .NET, building REST api's. Nowadays I also use NodeJS, dotnet core, Laravel and other frameworks.

Desktop and Mobile

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I've always loved to build apps.

I love mobile apps. I've built and deployed a few sucessfull apps for android. I usually go with ionicframework or react native. Electron is my framework of choice for desktop.


Please feel free to contact me via or using any of my social media channels!