About Me

A little bit more about myself and my professional experience!

It's me

About Me

I am 32 years old, living in sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

Since always I’ve loved playing computer games and building things. I built my first “website” when I was 8. It was just a simple page, but it meant a lot to me!

When I’m not working, I am usually playing with my kid or working on some dumb, useless npm package. I have also built a ton of useless websites and I am a proud owner of a ridiculous amount of unused domains!

Years of Experience

My Experience

I started working with .NET technologies, but then quickly fell in love with the JavaScript world. I’m currently specializing in Vue.js.

While I mainly worked with Web technologies, I also like mobile development. I have been playing around with Flutter, React Native and ionicframework. I might even publish my 3rd app to the PlayStore any time soon – even if Google decides to remove it again.


Software Engineer

I’m building next generation eCommerce websites. I started using AngularJS, then moved to Vue.JS. And it has been awesome!


JavaScript Developer

This is when I fell completely in love with JavaScript, and I knew that I wanted to do it forever. I was developing a proprietary framework, like Outsystems.


Software Engineer - Web Developer

Worked with .NET and build web api’s. By this time, while building tools to optimize and automatize purchases and control stocks, I also discovered AureliaJS.


SharePoint Developer


I received a training in .NET technologies and SharePoint from GFI. Then I started working as a SP developer. It was fun, but im no longer thinking of working with it again.