What text editor am I using?

It’s a must on every computer. Everyone uses one, or at least had to use it once, and everyone has it’s needs. Today I’ll share my current favourite one and how it’s looking right now.

The first one I recall using, besides notepad, was notepad++. It was blazing fast and lightweight. But I did use it only for small edits, or to view .txt files.

Then I found Sublime Text. But it kept asking for a license, and I was not really able to do so at that time, so I discovered Atom and Brackets.

Brackets editor was a bit too slow for my taste, so I swapped it for Atom for good. I thought it was going to last, but then Visual Studio Code, VS Code for short, came out and it was a game changer.

Even if I’m just trying to open a simple .txt file, I will for sure use VS Code. I like how clean, fast and customisable it is, with the huge amount of extensions available, for free!

VS Code screenshot

As you see, it is absolutely clean. Here’s how to make it look just like mine:

Theme: Night Owl – By Sarah Drasner is the best looking theme out there. Period.

Icons: Material Theme Icons – Just to add a little colour to our folders and icons.

Font: Dank Mono – But I keep switching between the free Jetbrains Mono which also looks really cool. Don’t forget to enable font ligatures! 😊

I basically only have two extensions that work only for the visuals of my editor. I also keep other extensions to a minimum.

I wrote about the ones that I can’t live without , you can read that here.

Thanks for reading 👋


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