Tools in the toolbox

Tools in my toolbox for everyday use.

These are all the tools I have in my toolbox and that I make use of every day for my job. These are the gear and tools I need to efficiently turn energy and caffeine into code.

  1. Macbook Pro M1 – 16GB Memory, 512GB SSD
  2. Logitech MX Master 3
  3. Logitech G513 Carbon
  4. Galaxy Buds Pro
  5. Dell Curved 34 Inch Monitor

The M1 Mac

I had recently upgrade my 2017 15″ Macbook Pro, and to be completely honest, I didn’t notice any big improvements besides the longer battery life. It sure builds my projects faster, but I would have hope for the difference to just be bigger. I opted for the 13″ version this time, it’s so thin and light! It’s always with me, I carry it everywhere around the house and outside as well.

Logitech Mx Master 3

I was using the Magic Mouse but after seeing some reviews, I decided to go for the famous Mx Master 3. It sure is new, but the MX series still follow the same design as the original one. I do miss the gestures of the Magic Mouse, although the MX 3 has gestures too, it was way more natural on the apple mouse – I just couldn’t stand the grip of it.

Logitech G513 Carbon

This is my daily driver, although I confess I have a keyboard addiction, I have some others and keep swapping them, using them on the mood. Still, I find this one the best for working as it has a full layout and is very comfortable – the tactile Gx keys feel great!

Galaxy Buds Pro

These came out with the new phone so I use them for everything. I like the autonomy and the noise-canceling feature – especially awesome both in a noisy office or at home when you’re trying to rest or you just need some silence. I find myself a lot of times with them on my ears, but the music has already stopped long ago.

Dell Curved 34 Inch Monitor

You don’t need such a big screen until you try one out – you’ll feel miserable working on smaller screens. This might be my favorite from the toolbox as it allows me to have three code editor tabs at the same time or 3 different windows of the regular size all side by side.

If you’re curious about what other tools I use, I made a post about the editor that I am using for web development on

That is all for now 😊

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